About Me

I am a professional software developer with vast experience developing large scale, mission critical, highly available web and off-line applications for a variety of clients in industries including manufacturing & distribution, hospitality, human resources, e-commerce, and others.

I specialize in application and database architecture and design, infrastructure specification and capacity planning, application platform selection, specification, and configuration and project management.

My primary focus today is on web development utilizing the standard LAMP stack of Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL. I also have deep experience writing web and systems applications with Perl and with the PostgreSQL database and to a lesser extent Python. Sorry but I don’t do any Windows development.

I provide remote development services on a negotiated contract basis on either an hourly, predefined time block, fixed bid, or (depending on availability) dedicated full time contract. I work from my own fully appointed office with multiple in-house and cloud based development servers running a variety of environments and have the ability to quickly deploy a wide assortment of application stacks to match your current environment in order to troubleshoot or provide development services for your existing applications.

For generic development work you can engage directly with me or if you have more complex requirements you can work with my company: Silvercrow Labs (https://slivercrowlabs.com). Silvercrow has a team offering additional services such as graphic design, copy writing, full website design and development, email and content marketing, SEO, etc.

Some recent successful projects:

  • Helped a home decor e-tailer build revenues from less than 1M to over 15M annually.
  • Helped a human resources SAS provider grow from 500K to 10M in annual revenues.
  • Helped an oilfield testing service reduce costs from 10M to under 2M through process automation and modernization.
  • Helped a TV media broker increase revenues from 2M to 7M through improved targeted marketing.


I have worked with most of the popular technology stacks in the market today. Each platform has its fan base but so do bands and sports teams. I take an objective look at each platform and evaluate the pros and cons of each based on their strengths and weaknesses when competing in the marketplace. After all we want to build strong, secure, extensible applications that will not be obsolete next year – right?

My Currently Preferred Technology Stack (this changes with the industry):