Some notable projects I've worked oN...

National Automotive Dealer

Developed a back office CRM system supporting salespeople in the field, vendor integration, accounting interfaces, etc.


  • Laravel API driven backend.
  • Vue JS front end.
  • Numerous 3rd party API interfaces to vendors.  Some JSON, some XML based.

National E-Commerce Site

Inherited a legacy custom application in need of modernization and security updates.  Rewrote and updated large portions of the application to support higher volume traffic after launching of national advertising campaigns.  Restructured databases to streamline operations and improve speed.


  • Implemented numerous 3rd party API and EDI integrations. 
  • Bi-directional EDI interfaces to vendors to seamlessly integrate orders, manufacturing updates, shipping, and accounting data.
  • Utilized a wide variety of data exchange formats – some XML, some JSON, some CSV, some hybrid CSV.
  • Integrated with a variety of external shopping feeds, review platforms, and marketing interfaces.

Accredited ICANN Registrar

Developed front and back office systems to register top level domains (TLD) through Verisign and the Verisign Name Store.


  • Developed bi-directional secure SOAP interface to Verisign.
  • Managed high volume bulk name registrations and interfaces to hosting silos.
  • Developed system to track ad revenues and manage domain placement and renewals.
  • Managed internal DNS servers for registered domains.

Travel/Hotel Reservations Engine

Developed a high-volume hotel reservations engine that processes millions of transactions daily in sub-second response times.  Supported thousands of clients in real-time and interfaced with numerous well known travel portals.


  • 24/7/365 operations, 5 nines up time.
  • Designed redundant, load balanced server platform and network connectivity.
  • Interfaced with major airline GDS systems to include bulk data loads and type A/B/Seamless transaction processing.
  • Developed uni and bi-directional interfaces to a variety of hotel property management systems.