What Is a W-9 Form? Who Can File and How to Fill It Out

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A W-9 is also required from people in specific circumstances. A bank or lending institution may ask for a W-9 as part of the process of setting up a new account, as interest and dividend payments are furnished through Form 1099-INT. Participants in a contest that may win prizes may also be required to fill out a W-9, as the prize value may be taxable income and require IRS reporting. The IRS says you should apply for your number and write “applied for” in the space for the TIN.

Completing Form W-9

Independent contractors fill out the W-9 to confirm their tax responsibilities and provide information to their employer(s). In turn, employers use a contractor’s W-9 to complete a 1099 detailing the worker’s income. You do not need to fill in this section as an individual. Only certain businesses or entities with any reason for exemption need to fill out these spaces. If this applies to you, you’ll need to provide a number or letter code that indicates that reason. The W-9 form allows businesses to keep track of their external workforce.

  • If you are not collecting a FATCA exemption code by omitting that field from the substitute Form W-9, see Payees and Account Holders Exempt From FATCA Reporting, later.
  • When you file your federal taxes, attach each of the 1099 forms you have received.
  • For most individuals, the TIN will be their Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Show the full name and address as provided on Form W-9 on the information return filed with the IRS and on the copy furnished to the payee.
  • The Limited liability company box is for a Partnership or LLC business with multiple members.
  • You may rely on the payee’s claim of exemption unless you have actual knowledge that the exempt payee code and/or classification selected are not valid, or if they are inconsistent with each other.
  • When beginning to work as either an independent contractor or an employee, you should expect to fill out some paperwork providing your personal identifiable information.

Requester of Form W-9 – Introductory Material

For example, someone may request you to fill out a Form W-9. If you are supplier #45 in their records, they may ask you to make note of your supplier number on this line. The IRS requires those who are not defined as U.S. citizens or resident aliens to use the appropriate W-8 Form in place of a W-9 form. All features, services, support, prices, offers, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. TurboTax Premium searches 500 tax deductions to get you every dollar you deserve. If you complete Form W-9 as an individual, you don’t need to worry about filling out this section.

What Is a W-2 Form? How to Read It and When to Expect It

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Making sure that Form W-9 is completed accurately can save a lot of trouble come tax time. Though a lot of the information these forms collect is similar, they represent different types of business relationships. Notably, Form W-4 requests information used to calculate tax withholding. This is not an offer to buy or sell any security or interest. All investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Working with an adviser may come with potential downsides such as payment of fees (which will reduce returns).

Lines 5 and 6 – Address, city, state and ZIP Code

Generally, a presumption of foreign status is required if a properly completed and signed Form W-9 is not received. A payee may rebut any presumption by providing reliable documentation to the withholding fedex w9 agent or, if applicable, to the IRS. If you’re an employee, your employer will withhold income taxes, withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pay unemployment tax on your wages.

  • If any one of the joint payees who hasn’t established foreign status gives you a TIN, use that number for purposes of backup withholding and information reporting.
  • Any required taxes based on gains related to the provided W-9 are the responsibility of the TIN holder listed on the document unless the taxpayer is subject to backup withholding.
  • Real estate businesses may also ask tenants to complete a W-9 as a method of storing their information as well.
  • Sole proprietorships and single-owner S corporations are similar in that income passes through to the single owner/shareholder, but they’re not generally thought of as disregarded entities.
  • The W-9 differs from a W-4 Form—which is more commonly supplied by employees to direct employers—in that the W-9 does not inherently arrange for the withholding of any taxes due.
  • The 60-day exemption from backup withholding does not apply to any payment other than interest, dividends, and certain payments relating to readily tradable instruments.
  • This is not an offer to buy or sell any security or interest.
  • In the cases below, the following person must be the one that provides the Form W-9 to the payor for purposes of establishing its non-foreign status.
  • A W-4 form requires some of the same information as a W-9, like your name, address and Social Security number.
  • ITINs that haven’t been included on a U.S. federal tax return at least once in the last 3 consecutive tax years will expire.
  • If your LLC has not filed a request to be taxed as a C or S corporation, it is taxed as a Partnership.
  • The IRS has outlined several penalties for failure to furnish or comply with the reporting requirements of Form W-9.

Payers use Form 1099-NEC to report payments made in the course of a trade or business to others for services. If you receive an email request for a Form W-9 and you’re not sure it’s legitimate, contact the supposed sender by phone (and don’t use any phone number in the suspicious email) to ask if https://www.bookstime.com/ the request is valid. Attackers are sophisticated and can make a message look like it came from your bank or even your client. And if you get an email from the IRS, it’s definitely a phishing attempt, and you should forward the email to The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers via email.

Who Might Ask Me To Fill Out Form W-9?

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