Why Does Alcohol Sometimes Trigger a Migraine Attack?

Triptans work best when you take them at the early signs of a migraine. There’s no proof that drinking raw eggs or downing hot sauce will get rid of your morning-after migraine faster. Downing more alcohol (the “hair of the dog” theory) won’t help either. Did you know that http://psychology.net.ru/comcom/Forums.php?Page=1&ForumID=1&id=29562&order=desc&inc= 20% of women say they avoid pregnancy because of migraine? While migraine thankfully does not affect fertility, it can complicate conversations about family planning and infertility treatments. Learn more about the relationship between migraine and family planning.

why does alcohol cause migraines

What causes alcohol-related neurologic disease?

In other words, the best treatment for a cocktail headache is actually preventing one in the first place. Before consuming a cocktail, ask yourself if it is worth developing a headache over and ruining your celebration or holiday. If you develop a cocktail headache, stop drinking alcohol and go someplace where you can rest comfortably. Drink lots of water to rehydrate your body and help flush the alcohol from your system. A sports drink with electrolytes is also helpful for this purpose. Migraine episodes can be a periodic inconvenience, or they can be debilitating.

why does alcohol cause migraines

Delayed Alcohol-Induced Headache

Overall, I feel more research and funding for migraine and headache disorders must be done. Results of the logistic regression models of the log odds of migraine attack in relation to alcohol consumption. Hangovers occur when the https://www.wellnessdayla.com/how-to-tighten-sagging-breasts-in-7-days/ alcohol levels in your blood drop significantly—frequently the morning after you drink. Hangovers can affect pretty much anyone who has had too much to drink. If alcohol is a headache trigger for you, think before you drink.

Headache on the Hill: Perspectives from New and Veteran Advocates

For more information on alternative migraine treatments, visit our Resource Library. This will be helpful in guiding conversations with your doctor about your symptoms. Reviewed for accuracy by the American Migraine Foundation’s subject matter experts, headache specialists and medical advisers with deep knowledge and training in headache medicine.

why does alcohol cause migraines

  • This prospective study looked at migraine diaries spanning up to 90 days.
  • One important study limitation is that the amount of alcohol subjects consumed was not recorded in a standardized manner.
  • Many people may also develop headaches due to the dehydrating effects of alcohol.
  • ADs have been reported to trigger the principal types of primary headaches.
  • However, a French study showed that 54 percent of the alcohol-induced migraine attacks came after drinking white wine.
  • Always drink responsibly—which includes minimizing the chances that alcohol will affect your migraine.

A total of 32,911 complete cases including 4679 migraine attacks were analyzed. The type of alcohol does not seem to affect whether a person gets a headache. While red wine has been described as a dominant trigger of migraines and cluster headaches, white wine, champagne, sparkling wines, and beer have also been linked to headaches. Brandy, red wine, https://president-pmr.org/category/67.html and rum have the highest levels of congeners, while gin and vodka contain fewer of these chemicals. However, a 2019 study found higher rates of vodka consumption among drinkers with frequent migraine attacks. The response to alcohol varies from person to person, and there is no alcohol that absolutely will not cause a migraine or other headache.

If you’re unsure whether alcohol is triggering your migraine, keep a detailed migraine journal that includes any foods and alcohol consumed throughout the week. This will be a valuable resource for you and your doctor to start identifying more specific migraine triggers. A change in sleep pattern can contribute to triggering migraine attacks.

When an Alcohol-Induced Headache Strikes

If you’ve identified alcohol as a trigger for your migraine headaches, avoiding it altogether is probably best. The same is true if you find that some types of alcohol trigger your migraine headaches more than others. Avoiding migraine triggers is one of the only sure-fire ways to avoid migraine symptoms. If you’re prone to migraine attacks, it’s wise to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether. However, if you do drink, be sure to do so in moderation and stay hydrated. Vodka and gin are both clear liquors that are made through the distilling process discussed above.

  • Because anxiety can trigger or worsen headaches, these two hangover symptoms are often related.
  • Individuals who are already prone to have migraine headaches should be especially aware of alcohol-induced migraines.
  • The American Migraine Foundation Resource Library provides a wealth of articles designed to assist you in understanding your symptoms and treatment options.

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